Distribution Sales Development

Lodestar’s primary focus is on assessing the skills of HVAC distribution sales personnel and then designing and delivering training that imparts the skills necessary for sales success in the 21st century. This includes not only training for sales representatives, but also assistance in customer segmentation and creation of innovative market approach models.

Contractor Training

Lodestar’s secondary focus is on contractor training and development. In this capacity, Lodestar stands ready to deliver courses on a wide range of topics. In addition, Lodestar can custom-create courses for contractors and distributors to fill almost any developmental need.

Business by the Books

Imagine having the ability to know HOW to use your financial statements to manage your business to achieve levels of performance you thought impossible! This is not a lead-in from the Twilight Zone—it is present reality and the kind of skills Lodestar’s contractor workshop, Business by the Books, can deliver.

Private Consultation

One-on-one consulting (what I call “private consulting”) is a rigorous process of determining what in your company and/or management style is holding you back from achieving all you are capable of achieving, and then helping you find a way around those bottlenecks.


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